Comfort Strap For Oculus Quest 2

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Now you no longer have to worry about the itchy, hair-pulling normal strap of the Oculus Quest 2. This head strap was built for extreme comfort during long gaming sessions while playing in virtual reality. We use foam and sponge pad technology to ensure the head fits properly into the strap. The adjustable straps help fit all head sizes, and the rear adjustment wheel makes it easy to change the size of the headstrap. The padding effectively reduces any head pressure while playing. The strap is also made with high-quality PU leather to make sure the straps last as long as possible. This headstrap is compatible with both the Oculus and Meta Quest 2 and snaps on easily to both devices.


1. Highly Comfortable

2. Adjustable for all Head Sizes

3. Built with Premium Material to Last as Long as Possible

4. Reduces Head Pressure 

Customer Reviews

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Willy Stamm

Thanks all OK. Gehrne again.

Sam Borer

Perfect fit, makes the VR unit SO much easier to fit, adjust, wear, way better than the original Oculus straps that come with it.

Uriah McCullough

Excellent silicone pads! Dense, fit well. Got relatively fast

Karine Glover

Changed the usual straps to this headrest. The best purchase for such money. Quality is good. The mechanism works properly. Ordered 2 pairs. Got there relatively quickly. Included headrest and clips for fixing on the helmet

Alec Beatty

All compatible with description item.

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